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Valley Pain Consultants | A Partnership with Valley Health

Interventional Medicine for Pain Management

New & Current patients

What will I find on this page?

On this page you'll find New Patient paperwork and information about how our practice works.  

You'll see information about our Patient Portal (which is separate from Valley Health portal).  

Current Patients will find useful information about our practice, as well.  We have a Medical Records Release Form.  Staff direct lines are included in the "Current Patient" section below.

New Patient Paperwork

New Patient Paperwork includes: Patient instructions, Demographics, Pain Eval. Packet, Patient Portal Access, and Disclosure Notice.

Medical Records Release Form:  Gives us permission to release your medical information to a designated entity. 

Patient Portal Access Form:  Once filled out and given to the VPC, this form will allow you to access our Patient Portal.

VPC New Patient Paperwork (pdf)


VPC Patient Portal Access (pdf)


VPC Medical Records Release Form (pdf)


New Patients: Paperwork, Pt. Portal, & Who to call

New Patient Paperwork

Detailed paperwork for a new Patient is required.  We may have more forms to sign and date on the day of your appointment.

Main Phone Number

(540) 450 - 2339

For non-life threatening general questions, scheduling, referrals, and medical records.

Arrival Time

Once you receive your new Patient paperwork, be sure to complete it.  If completed, arrive 15 minutes early.   *Incomplete paperwork, arrival time is 30 minutes early.

Referrals Required

All new/returning patients, regardless of insurance, will require a referral from Primary Care, Urgent Care, or the Emergency Department. 

Cancellation Policy

Our office prefers 24 hours notice of a cancellation.  Please contact us as soon as you know, you will not be present.  We will then be able to offer that time to another patient.

Late Arrival Advisory

Running Late?  Call us.  More than 15 min. late may result in rescheduling of your appointment.

 *If you cannot complete your paperwork, arrive 30 Minutes early in order to complete it or you may have to reschedule. 

Patient Portal


Our Patient Portal Access, "MyHealthRecord.com" is separate from Valley Health "My Chart" Patient Portal.  Our portal is an all-in-one personal health record and patient portal  for Valley Pain Consultants.  You'll have fast and easy access from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.  You can view tests, lab results, send/receive secure messages from the staff, request Rx refills, cancel appointments, and receive email reminders about care, right from your inbox.  Phone downloads are free for Android or Apple, use your phone and open your app store and enter: MyHealthRecord.com  in the search field.

Current Patients: Who can I contact?

Questions, Procedure Protocol, and Refills

Pain Management Triage for Current Patients: (540) 450 - 8550

Main Phone Number

(540) 450 - 2339

For non-life threatening general questions, scheduling, referrals, and medical records

Patient Financial Counselor

Pain Management Financial Counselor:

(540) 771 - 2297

Sharara Kazimi, NP-C

 Medical Assistant for Sharara Kazimi, NP-C:

(540) - 771 - 2307

Christy Andrews, NP-C

Medical Assistant for Christy Andrews, NP-C:

(540) - 771 - 2306

Dr. Poss & Dr. Ashcraft

Medical Assistants for Dr. Poss & Dr. Ashcraft:

(540) 771 - 2304